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Canvas stretching machine c-stretch

The C-Stretch is the newest addition to our range of canvas stretching machines. It is available in either pneumatic or manual variations.  You can expect to do a 20” x 20“ canvas in under 3 minutes and will be as tight as a drum

Here are the key features:

  • Standard model available is 1m x 1m. (39” x 39“)

  • Frame sizes from 12mm (1/2”) up to 75mm (3”) can be used with the machine

  • Stretches a canvas in under 3 minutes

  • It will stretch all materials such as paper, linen, textiles, fabric etc.

  • Facilitates gallery wrap and a guide ensures even stapling.

  • The stretching mechanism has control points so tension can be adjusted to suit

  • Only the highest quality parts are used and spare parts are rarely needed.

  • Quick set up time and small footprint.

  • Virtually maintenance free.

  • Only consumable part is the rubber gripper, which lasts approx. 30,000 stretches


  • Size: 1100mm long x 600mm deep x 1400mm high

  • Weight: 30kg

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